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Stage Design Scenography

Scenic design including the technical production of your events.

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Club Design

Design of festive spaces including lighting design, acoustic studies, special effects, furniture, and supplies.

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Immersive Restaurants

Creation of immersive places and concepts dedicated to dining.

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Custom Manufacturing

Workshops specialized in the personalized creation of furniture, lighting, counters, and custom decorations.

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Interior Design

Interior design merging avant-garde aesthetics and technical functionality to create spectacular and immersive spaces.

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Engineering Offices

3D design and technical study services, combining expertise and cutting-edge technology.

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About us


A pioneer in the field of stage design, audiovisual equipment conception, and installation, Ultravision was born from the visionary imagination of Schneider Dionnys.

Building upon technical expertise and constant innovation, Ultravision stands out with its spectacular and innovative achievements.

Collaborating with a multitude of renowned artists, prestigious venues, and developers on an international scale.

Ultravision offers creative and sophisticated solutions in show production, raising standards in club and festival design, stage design, and immersive experiences.

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Our Latest Projects
Azar cover
Azar logo

Monumental stage design for one of the best French electro clubs.

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Utopia cover
Utopia logo

A perfect, exhilarating, and unique fusion of clubbing, gastronomy, and immersive restaurant.

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Vip cover
Vip logo

The most iconic premium club exported to Dubai, Marrakech, St Tropez, St Barth, Monaco, Porto Cervo.

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theatro cover
theatro logo

Theatro Marrakech is one of the most spectacular clubs in the world, known for its extraordinary technical setup.

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insomnia cover
Insomnia logo

Insomnia Club Dakar, including layout, decoration, sound, lighting, lasers, and special effects.

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Mantabeach cover
Mantabeach logo

Manta Beach in Portugal is equipped with an extraordinary technical setup.

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Maluma cover
Maluma logo

Technical video production and special effects for Maluma's concerts in France.

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Ozuna cover
ozuna logo

Ozuna's production chooses Ultravision for its French concerts every year.

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Nickyjam cover
Nicky jam logo

Reggaeton artist Nicky Jam turns to Ultravision for the special effects and LED screens for his show at the Zenith in Paris.

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Your project from conception to installation
3D Design Office

3D Design Office

Our team will design your project in 3D with a very high level of detail to ensure project quality.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Our 3D study includes the layout and design of furniture and decorative elements to perfectly match the video and lighting design.

Lighting & LED Screen

Lighting & LED Screen

Discover unique and high-quality lighting products at Ultravision. We design custom LED screens of all shapes.

Special Effects

Special Effects

Ultravision designs and installs your special effects for an ever more spectacular visual impact to amaze your clients safely.

Installation & Maintenance

Audio System

We optimize the audio of your club with expertise. Installation of quality and powerful audio systems. 5-year warranty on our audio products.

Audio System

Installation & Maintenance

We install the project you have approved and that fits your budget. We install and provide maintenance worldwide.

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They trust us!



The encounter with Ultravision was the desire to create clubs that are constantly in motion, incorporating advanced technology with the arrival of LED. Their vision, and especially their technologies, perfectly matched the meeting with Ultravision.

Joachim Garraud


Our collaboration with Ultravision for the design of visual spectacles, as well as technically, proceeded with a professional and responsive company. Ultravision perfectly met our needs.

Frequently Asked

  • Can you describe Ultravision's services?
    • Ultravision offers a complete range of services in stage design, including technical production for various important events or festivals.

      The Club Design service includes the layout of festive spaces, lighting design, acoustic studies, special effects, and the supply of custom furniture and equipment.

      For nightclubs and restaurants, Ultravision provides specialized interior design, combining avant-garde aesthetics and functionality, to create immersive and captivating entertainment spaces.

  • What types of products does Ultravision manufacture?
    • Ultravision manufactures a wide range of custom products, including variable-shaped LED products, custom structures, bars, supplies, and innovative lighting solutions.

      Our specialized workshop can create various types of furniture and equipment specifically tailored to the needs and style of each project.

  • How does Ultravision manage projects from A to Z?
    • Ultravision ensures the complete management of projects, from measurements or plan studies to the final realization, including design, installation, and technical support.

      We act as an interior architect by adding very specific technical expertise to entertainment establishments and events.

  • How can I schedule a meeting with Ultravision to discuss my project?
    • Contact Ultravision by phone or WhatsApp at 0033608430749, email at, or directly at our office at 0033(0)1 73 79 1234.

      Upon your contact, we can immediately organize a presentation video conference followed by an on-site visit.

      We use common video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Skype).

  • What information is needed to start a project with Ultravision?
    • Ultravision needs to know the location of the establishment, available information (plans, previous studies, various PDFs), and the maximum budget allocated to the project.

      This information is essential to carry out a study without exceeding the allocated budget.

  • How does Ultravision design our project?
    • Ultravision designs projects precisely in 3D, ensuring clear communication with the client to avoid misunderstandings. The design, including quotes and the 3D study, is billed as a flat fee based on its complexity.

      The 3D study is completely independent of the supply of equipment; these are two separate contracts billed independently.

  • Does Ultravision provide training on equipment maintenance and usage?
    • Yes, training on equipment maintenance and usage is included, ensuring effective use and maintenance of installed equipment.

      These training sessions can take place at your premises or at partner training centers.

  • Does Ultravision undertake projects internationally?
    • Yes, Ultravision operates worldwide, managing complex projects and meeting the needs of international clients. We have completed projects all over Europe, in Mexico, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, and Africa.

      Our mobility is international.

  • What is the typical timeline for a project with Ultravision?
    • The process starts as soon as you contact us and share essential information about your location and project.

      To better understand your needs, we organize a video conference or an on-site meeting.

      Then, we initiate a detailed discussion on budgets to identify the best possibilities for your project.

      Once budgets are clarified, we submit a quote for the 3D study of the project. If you are satisfied with the quote for the 3D study, we start modeling the project.

      We conduct a comprehensive study that takes into account all technical aspects of your project.

      Once this study is completed, we provide you not only with 3D images but also with detailed quotes for the supply of equipment and installation.

      You have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

      We are here to guide you at every step of the process, ensuring that your vision is realized seamlessly and efficiently.

  • How does Ultravision manage the confidentiality of projects?
    • All information and details related to projects are treated with the strictest confidentiality to ensure the protection of clients' secrets and interests.

      Ultravision is committed to maintaining discretion at every stage of the process.

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